Kasoulides will participate in “Supporting Syria and the Region”…

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, Mr Ioannis Kasoulides

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ioannis Kasoulides, departs for London to represent the Republic of Cyprus at “Supporting Syria and the Region” Conference to be held on 4 February 2016, at Lancaster House, in London

The Conference is co-hosted by the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Germany, Norway and the United Nations, and aims at raising awareness regarding the situation of 13.5 million displaced and 4.39 million refugee Syrians, who live in neighboring countries, as well as at ensuring financial commitments to address the plethora of humanitarian needs arising from the continuous crisis in Syria

During the Conference, Cyprus Foreign Minister will brief his interlocutors on the commitment of the Republic of Cyprus to support, through the European Union, by offering 2.4 million euro for Lebanon and Jordan, which are facing great economic and social pressure because of hosting to Syrian refugees

At the same time, Minister Kasoulides will announce the establishment of a Scholarship Plan by the Republic of Cyprus for postgraduate programs to be offered to Syrian refugees, who temporarily live in Lebanon and Jordan. The funding of the Plan will be 100 thousand euro per academic year, for a five-year period (academic years 2016-2021). The Scholarship Plan might be used as a standard for providing aid to other countries the Republic of Cyprus shall wish to support in the framework of the Growth Cooperation

The Minister of Foreign Affairs will then depart for Amsterdam, where he will participate in the EU informal meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, “Gymnich”, held in the framework of the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU. Issues in the agenda include, inter alia, the International Strategy for the Foreign and Security Policy of the EU with the participation of the EU Ministers of Defence, Iran and the migration issue, in the presence of the Foreign Ministers of the candidate for accession states