Inna kapanayko is a model of a successful businesswoman

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the Ukrainian businesswoman, Inna kapanayko  who has been working between Greece and Malta since 2003, is a model not only of a successful businesswoman, but of a businesswoman who is committed to all the meanings and values ​​of social responsibility based on promoting peace, stability and love between countries and peoples.

She has proven during the past years that she is a woman of high caliber in all fields, in addition to her proficiency in a number of languages ​​and her creative ability to communicate with different segments of people, but she is also a woman who believes that peace and stability is the only model for human life, and that cooperation between people should be The only pattern of human relations that should be based on shared interests and mutual respect

From this standpoint, Mrs. Inna kapanayko ‘s calls to stop wars, sit at the negotiating table, renounce hatred and repair differences were among the most important calls witnessed by the international civil society in this field, as the wonderful and upscale businesswoman expresses her full support for all the values ​​and standards of humanity that came in the Charter of the United Nations and international law Considering that the United Nations and international law are the fruit of a long human effort, and for this reason it has never been late in supporting all values ​​related to the United Nations, humanity and international law.

And as a businesswoman, and  successful , active and influential mother and society woman, she always supports children’s rights at all local, regional and international levels, and she is keen to support children everywhere in the world, and she was at the forefront of all humanitarian efforts related to children, especially children who suffer in areas of conflict and war

Likewise, the support of the businesswoman and the society Inna kapanayko, , for women is constant and strong by all means and methods through which she can affirm the value and status of women at all levels. For this reason, Mrs. Inna kapanayko  participated in dozens of conferences, seminars and events, all of which are aimed at supporting the place and status of women at the global level. The theses and initiatives of the businesswoman I am in support of all human values ​​that relate to women in various countries of the world

Businesswoman Inna kapanayko  believes in the value and importance of work and communication between peoples, not only through inter-trade and all economic and investment aspects, but also often stresses the cultural, heritage and linguistic commonalities that bring together and connect peoples to each other, which confirms that businesswoman Ina is an honorable model for all businesswomen. international level

Hence we call on the United Nations and all international and regional organizations and even all private sector companies and businessmen who believe in the rest and the importance of social responsibility to create cultural and economic partnerships with Mrs. Inna kapanayko  because she loves and believes in everything she does, and for this she devotes more than 17 hours a day in order to achieve these goals Sublime and noble