A distinguished participation of “Golden Home” in Cityscape

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A distinguished participation of  “Golden Home” in Cityscape

 For the first time, you can obtain permanent residence in the European Union only and guaranteed through the Greek “Golden Home” company Real estate

investment of 250 thousand euros in Greece allows you to obtain permanent residence in the European Union

 Golden Home’s expertise in Greece provides the Egyptian citizen with an unprecedented and “guaranteed” opportunity to be in the heart of the European Union and obtain permanent residence 


For the first time, Greek Golen Home participated in the “Cityscape” exhibition hosted by the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and on this occasion, the company’s director in Cairo, Mr. Pavlos Tarasanski said” it was the first time of Golden Home at CityScape and the company managed to achieve all its goals. Namely, we were able to speak to a lot of new customers that are interested in obtaining the EU Residence and investing in the Greek Real Estate market. Specifically, since the investment threshold to obtain the EU Residence will me moving from 250,000 to 500,000 (expectedly at the beginning of the new year), we saw a market rush with investors seeking to conclude ‘be on time’ and their investment before the end of 2022.

At the same time, we had great discussions with relevant stakeholders in the market – Developers, Contractors, Brokers, Banks – all of whom were keen on collaborating with Golden Home on two fronts: 1) Exploring numerous investment opportunities across Greece; 2) Collaborate with Golden Home inside the Egyptian market, which aligns with the company’s goals to become a leading company for Consulting services in Real Estate in Egypt as well, by applying the successful model that was implemented in Greece.

Egypt and Greece have a special and historical relationship since the visit of Alexander the Great to Egypt. Currently, the two friendly countries have a lot of trade and investment relations due to the vision that the leadership in the two countries is working on. There is great cooperation involving businessmen and the private sector from both countries in light of the giant projects implemented by the two countries such as Electricity interconnection project and new and renewable energy

Companies from the two countries are working to provide investment opportunities for the other party, and among these companies is the Greek “Golden Home” company, which is the first company in the field of real estate consultancy, as it enjoys the full confidence of all clients in Egypt, Greece and the world at large, and “Golden Home” company acts as a bridge for cooperation And the rapprochement between the Egyptian and Greek peoples by providing a historical and unprecedented opportunity for Egyptian citizens and investors to obtain permanent residence in Greece, which means that whoever buys a property in Greece can, through the “Golden Home” company, obtain permanent residence in Greece, which means easy entry He and his family to the 27 member states of the European Union

Golden Home is one of the most trusted, credible and honest European companies in providing real estate services, and everyone who has dealt with it in Egypt and the world praised it fully, as it provides the correct information and guaranteed destinations, and Mr.Pavlos TarasanskiThe CEO of the company is in a prestigious position and position for everyone who wants to invest in beautiful and high-end Greek real estate.

Golden Home is one of the largest multinational Greek real estate group with 13 offices, one of which is located in the heart of Cairo in Zamalek. The company offers full investments and services based on its portfolio of more than 54,000 units, as well as the experience of more than 1,000 consultants. Its services are tailored to the needs of clients, including residential and commercial units or with the aim of obtaining EU residency for the buyer and family where there are no hidden fees, no appraisals, no prepayments – just a high quality service.

Golden Home’s participation in Cityscape Egypt 2022 aims to provide its unique service to the Egyptian market in terms of investing in real estate in Greece and, among other things, obtaining residency in the European Union. In addition, with all the leading developers in the country, Golden Home is looking forward to open discussions on how to become a bridge between Greek and Egyptian developers, aiming to attract investments to the fast-growing Egyptian real estate market.Golden Home helps its clients by providing this important information, including:

 Setting standards

Are you a third-country national and wish to travel freely in Europe? Then come to buy real estate in Greece! All you have to do is select the location, age and size of the property, and of course your budget, and we’ll take care of the rest

 Choose the property

GOLDEN HOME is the largest real estate agency in Greece. Backed by one of our more than 1,000 experienced agents, there is no doubt that among the over 58,000 property owners we deal with, you will find the one that works best for you

 Obtaining a “golden visa”

Once you become a property owner in Greece, you and your family are entitled to apply for the “Golden Visa”, and with the help of our experienced agents, you will have it in no time!

Through GOLDEN HOME Real Estate, you can buy a property in Greece at the same official price as a Greek citizen, and Golden Home has 12 branches of the company all over the world, and Golden Home has a long experience in handling the purchase procedures on your behalf, providing legal and financial assistance The technical requirements for obtaining a “golden visa”

Golden Home aims to achieve a high return on your investment in your property in Greece and at the same time eliminate all your potential concerns regarding the purchase procedure.Over the past years, many Egyptians, Swiss, Chinese, Russians, Lebanese and many other foreign investors have placed their trust in Golden Home Real Estate to manage their propertiesInvestments in Greek real estate, as well as to deal with the issuance of «Golden Visa».Having established ourselves as a leading real estate company in Greece, Golden Home aims to expand internationally through its subsidiary offices in key markets, with Egypt being of central importance to the development of the company’s activities in the MENA region.The real estate market demands and will soon enjoy the best services throughout Greece, thanks to the new GOLDEN HOME offices, unique electronic management system, well-trained staff as well as the latest technology. The big smile on our customers’ faces at the end of every transaction proves that our efforts were worth it The company’s branch is located in Cairo, in the Zamalek area

14 Shagaret Al-Durr, Zamalek, first floor

 Mob: +20-127-293-5000Email: p.tarasanski@goldenhome.gr